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Eruri AX Meet Up | FB Event


I created a fb event for the eruri AX meet up! So far I’m thinking we might do a Friday and Saturday meet up, both with a raffle and a game of pictionary! The times and location are tentative, so save the page and check back for updates. Feel free to add suggestions or comments on the fb page or through tumblr inbox. Tell your friends and mark your calendars because eruri AX meet up is on!

Haru made me do it foreverunsure

Will Graham game is too strong. #hannibal #sakuracon

Sakura-chino for #sakuracon

Belle for the masq ball at #sakuracon!

Petra and Hanji~ #sakuracon

Shooting some Bubbline. #sakuracon

I have an addiction. A choice within my pants.

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